Blackbear – 4U (Renzyx Remix) – Future Trap

Ahh, good ol’ reliable Trap City. I’ve been exploring a such a myriad of underground EDM channels, that I’ve forgotten about the mainstream ones. When I came across this track, I found it more unique than some of the other tracks I’ve been surfing through, in that it combines different instruments that would otherwise sound discordant if played in another context. Brazilian producer, Renzyx, manages to combine big brass sounds with pop-style guitar plucks to produce a relaxed but intense instrumental. The airy high-pitched vocal chops in the background add to the emotional quotient of the song. I really like the way Renzyx has structured the drop with it’s pauses, allowing the listener to hear the various instruments and samples used. The vocals by Blackbear are mainstream and don’t stray far from other songs with the same subject matter, but they complement the remix excellently with their dark, poppy style. Blackbear’s vocals here remind me of Tyler Joseph, the lead singer of 21 Pilots. The remix starts to trail off towards the end. In my opinion, the saxophone in the second drop could be avoided or pitched down. It’s a good thought, but I feel like something more mellow would fit the remix better. Overall, great job by Renzyx, I’ll be looking forward to hearing more remixes and music from this artist. Check out his Soundcloud for more. Happy Monday!