Lucky Luke & Dave Nazza – One Day (Future House)

Lithuania HQ is back with another Future House banger; a collaboration between German producer Lucky Luke and Lithuania-based producer Dave Nazza. The track consists of a bassline with a catchy chord progression. The vocals and build up aren’t the most impressive aspects of the track, but they do add a certain atmosphere to the song in addition to a structure that most EDM listeners are familiar with. The track could do without the vocals, and could have a more layered buildup with better effects. While I feel the producers have been lazy in this aspect, the main meat of the song redeems it from criticism. The producers add small background sounds to the main bass progression that make the track more interesting. They add vocal chops and string synths between transitions with variations of the main melody. When listening to the song a second time, you’ll be able to appreciate the subtle percussion in the second part of the drop, whether it’s the wooden taps, the high hats or the low pitched snares. EDM snobs would listen to a track like this and deem it basic or skeletal in nature, without considering the subtleties employed by the artists to create a rhythm. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating a simple track. Definitely check out some of Lucky Luke’s future house tracks such as “Boyfriend”, which he released earlier this year. I’m not familiar with Dave Nazza but I’ll be checking his Soundcloud in the next week for more groovy tracks. Follow Lithuania HQ for some quality deep house and future house tracks and playlists. Maybe use their live Pre Party Radio session for your Saturday night pregame?