Shaun Frank – No Future (feat. Dyson) – Future Bass

In a genre flooded with similar sounding synths and vocals, this future bass track stands out simply because the vocals complement the production so well and vice versa (also the live performance music video is dope). Shaun Frank is a Canada-based DJ who typically produces future house, and has only recently started entering the future bass/trap genre with songs like “let you get away”. In my opinion, he’s been successful in both genres. In the future house genre, he’s collaborated with Oliver Heldens for “Shades of Grey” as well as Borgeous for “This Could Be Love“. Both tracks were well received by the EDM community. Getting back to this track, the main verse of the song where Dyson sings “ain’t no future” is relatively generic when compared to other tracks in the same genre such as the future bass tracks The Chainsmokers have released. However, it’s the way the words work with the beat that makes this track so catchy. The vocal chops, the drum pattern and the bass notes created by Shaun Frank after the verse creates a  rhythm that makes this song “danceable”. The synth he uses for the drop sounds like a future house synth he’s used in other tracks; that same bassy sound laced with an flanger-like industrial effect. That deep bass acting as a backdrop against the high-pitched melody of the vocal chop is a similar sound we’ve heard in many EDM hits such as “Turn Down For What”, “Lean On”, etc. For some reason, this is a winning combination and seems to be a guaranteed success in EDM, despite how generic it has become. Anyways, hope you enjoy this track! Definitely check out Shaun Frank’s other tunes, as well as Lauren Dyson’s features as she’s done vocals for many other EDM songs. Happy Monday!