Malaa – Paris 96 (Bass House)

This is one of the more interesting and unexpected tracks I’ve heard this week. Malaa is a French artist signed to Tchami’s label, Confession. He mainly produces bass house and garage house tracks, most of which sound dark and bassy and are in keeping with the bass house genre. This track surprised me because of Malaa’s interesting fusion of bass house and funk. The funk sample used in this track reminds me of “Get Down On It” by Kool & The Gang. I love the way he filters the bass at the beginning of the build-up, giving you that warm, funk vibe that you would find in a 90s funk track. He’s also chopped the guitar chords and has incorporated them in the drop along with a deep bass so as to maintain the bass house vibe. The music industry needs more innovation and fusion like this.  Since the passing of Chester Bennington, I’ve been thinking a lot about how Linkin Park revolutionized the music industry. They effectively combined nu-metal, rap, rock and electro and produced some remarkable music. Many artists these days do not stray from their chosen genre, or worse; they change the genre of their music to whatever’s popular at the time (I can’t tell you how many fucking generic future bass tracks I’ve had to dig through to find good music). Using different synths and rhythms help you become a more versatile artist while expanding your audience. For example: Let’s say there’s someone who like’s 90s funk and detests EDM in any shape or form. Then, his friend, Steve, shows him a track like this. He might still hate EDM, but he will appreciate the fusion in this song and might follow the artist on social media to find out about future releases. This is how you break barriers in the music industry as an artist. Keep doing what you’re doing Malaa. Shout out to Deep Obelisk for sharing this track!