Post Malone - rockstar (Romanescu Codrin Remix) - Deep House

You can always count on Mr. Revillz to give you some amazing remixes. This gem is a remix by Romanian artist Romanescu Codrin, a deep house producer who doesn’t stray far from similar artists you would see on channels like Lithuania HQ. The original cover of the Post Malone song is sung by Sofia Karlberg, whose soothing vocals have covered many more pop songs. Please show her some support and check out her channel, because Mr. Revillz did not credit her in the description which is definitely wrong on their part as a music channel. Romanescu nails the rhythm and the bassline with a punchy bass synth used in a countless number of deep house songs. He adds some reverb and sprinkles the track with ephemeral synths here and there that really contribute to the sentimental mood of the original Post Malone track. The piano melody in the backdrop of the bassline stems from Sofia Karlberg’s cover of the song. Romanescu also includes some pitched down vocal chops to add to the rhythm, a staple for deep house songs. The track’s simplicity is what makes it pleasant to listen to. The artist doesn’t do much to change the vocals or the original melody of the cover song, which allows Sofia’s angelic vocals to shine through the track. If you liked this track, you should check out Romanescu Codrin's remix of a Vanotek track posted earlier this year.