deadmau5 & Shotty Horroh - Legendary (Hip-Hop x Dubstep)

What a fascinating track! I can’t believe I haven’t heard this before, but it deserves all the appreciation and interest it can get. Legendary Canadian producer, Deadmau5, seems to be experimenting with hip-hop music, which is a new style for him considering how well he is known for his progressive house tracks. I remember listening to a lot of tracks on“Random Album Title” and “4x4=12”, which contain some of the most legendary tracks in the progressive genre. The problem with being a deadmau5 fan is that he doesn’t release music regularly. So, when I found this track I was pleasantly surprised. Deadmau5 produces a unique beat that hits you unexpectedly after a somewhat jazzy intro. The beat seems to be a combination of hip-hop and dubstep. You have a punchy bass drum with a hard-hitting snare, against the backdrop of a wobbly, grungy bass synth. On top of that, you have this fluty pluck in the background that gives the song a unique sound and rhythm. The vocalist, Shotty Horroh, is a UK battle rapper famous for his quick and witty bars. He compliments the beat very well with his cold, standoffish lines. I hope Deamau5 continues to explore Hip Hop, as this track a good break from the usual trends we’re seeing in rap today, both instrumentally and vocally. Shout out to Shotty Horroh for experimenting with dubstep and trying something new. We need to see more of this fusion in the music world! If you want to hear more of these two, check out another track they worked on called ‘Okay’.