Bloody Boy – UFO (Bass House)

I feel like ‘Bloody Boy’ plunged into the darkest depths of the ocean to find the bass preset used in this drop. For those of you who don’t know, Bloody Boy is a UK artist from Manchester. There isn’t much information about him online, as with most artists whose tracks are released by Deep Obelisk. His sound doesn’t stray far from other artists in the Bass House genre, such as Jauz, Ephwurd, Brosik, Phlegmatic Dogs, Dustycloud, Brohug, Malaa, etc. I think my appreciation of catchy sidechained basslines played a definitive role in my choosing this song. Just listen to how the artist isolates the bass melody before the second drop. This isolation concept isn’t new. Future house artists like Tchami and Oliver Heldens do this all the time (just listen to the first drop of “Go Deep” by Tchami), but it’s the sidechained effect used by Bloody Boy that really adds to that filthy atmosphere you look for with songs like this. Maybe I’m over-analysing here, but one thing’s for sure: I won’t fucking rest till I find the bass preset used in this track. Keep it up Bloody Boy! If you liked this track, check out the youtube channel Deep Obelisk as well as the channel Moretin which releases awesome future/garage house bangers from Tchami’s label, Confessions.