Jax Jones – Instruction (ft. Demi Lovato, Stefflon Don) – Dance

Absolute fire from Jax Jones! For those of you who don’t know who Jax Jones is, he’s a UK artist from London who specializes in house and deep house tracks. Since I’ve spent the past semester studying abroad in London, I can testify to his popularity in that almost all commercial UK clubs play his releases. He’s not as popular in the United States as he is the UK, but with songs like this, where he collaborates with American artists such as Demi Lovato, he’s bound to top US charts at some point. Demi Lovato and UK hip hop artist Stefflon Don both complement the track with their fiery, standoffish vocals. The chorus is super catchy and creates a literal series of dance move “instructions” for any audience, which is why this song will top UK charts if not US charts. Getting around to the production, I’ve noticed that in his pop-style songs, Jax Jones uses a very soft yet powerful, compressed bass that complements the vocals nicely and creates a warm rhythm pleasurable to listen to. The track has a certain swing to it from the Caribbean-style beat intermixed with powerful EDM lead synths you can hear in the background. This brings me to an observation I’ve made over the past few months, which is that Caribbean-style beats are slowly dominating the music industry whether it’s through EDM or Hip Hop. If you guys heard Drake’s new album “More Life”, you’ll see a huge influence of Caribbean-style music and Dancehall in songs like “Madiba Riddim” and “Blem”. Other Hip Hop artists like French Montana and Ray Sremmurd followed in Drake’s footsteps with releases like “Unforgettable”. It’s only a matter of time before EDM adopts this new style of music; props to Jax Jones.