Mawi – CO2 (Deep House)

I usually don’t follow Spinnin’ Records releases as much as other channels because they tend to be mainstream, whether they’re in the deep house or big room house genre. But I truly respect Spinnin’ for releasing this track by Mawi, and I’ll tell you why. I had never heard of Mawi before listening to this song, but I’m assuming he creates similar chill, progressive deep house tracks. This sounds like a track you would hear at a rooftop bar or in a DJ’s rooftop set (or even at a garden party as you can see in the music video). What I like about Spinnin’ releasing this track is that they don’t typically release progressive tracks like this. They normally release tracks with a defined build up and drop. This track has more of a progressive buildup where the main melody, consisting of a simple guitar chord construction with various synth overlays, can be heard throughout most of the song. The only difference between the build-up and the drop is that the drop has a bassy drum pattern that creates a rhythm for the track. As you can see, the music video has more dislikes that most Spinnin’ releases because it doesn’t exactly cater to Spinnin’s audience. This comment sums it up pretty well.


The funny thing is that three or four years ago, I wouldn’t have enjoyed this track. This was back when I listened to big-room house artists like Bassjackers, Tujamo, Afrojack, W&W, Ummet Ozcan, etc. I would be more critical of songs that didn’t have huge drops. Since Big Room isn’t as popular now and all of these artists are hopping on the same Future Bass bandwagon, mainstream house music is less intense than it used to be. But that is a rant for another time. My point is, with regards to Mawi’s track, it’s received a lot of flack in the comments section because it’s progressive and doesn’t have a defined drop. For those close-minded Spinnin’ audiences who circle jerk to Tujamo and Timmy Trumpet releases (not saying they’re bad artists, I still like Hardstyle EDM), I implore you to open your mind to songs like this with simple chord progressions and structures. Appreciate Lounge House.