Portugal The Man – Feel it Still (Medasin Remix) – Chill Trap

Medasin is quite a versatile artist in the trap genre. Early in January of this year, Youtube channel Trap City released one of his tracks “Territory”, a loud dark trap banger featuring synths similar to those used by XVII, Baauer, etc. Since listening to that track, I hadn’t kept up with Medasin’s music, until I received a notification from Chill City of his remix of a Portugal The Man song “Feel It Still”. I was surprised to see him remixing a track by an American rock band from Alaska, but when I heard it, it gave me that warm feeling I get when I listen to songs from similar Youtube channels such as Majestic CasualSuicide Sheep, etc. The original track is fast paced and catchy (listen to it before you listen to this remix). I find that listening to original tracks before remixes allows you to appreciate the remix a lot more. Medasin has transformed a fast paced rock song into a mellow, ambient trap track you can definitely add to your 4/20 playlist. The crisp female vocals over the backdrop of subtle Flume-type trap synths provides for a relaxing tune you can listen to after a long day at work, as I’m doing right now. And the cool part of it is if you ever need to wake up from your relaxed state, just listen to the original rock song! But if your chill quotient hasn’t been fulfilled and you need another chill track to vibe to, check out “Daydream” by Medasin. If you’re not relaxed by then, you need to go on a vacation or something. I hear Spain is nice this time of year.