Rodriguez Jr. – Heal Me (Deep House)

The other day, one of my good friends tagged me in a DJ Mag rooftop mix set, featuring artist Rodriguez Jr, on Facebook. The lounge house/progressive house producer hails from Southern France. He grew up on the seaside in the 90s, attending electronic music parties while actively learning the piano. He is known to be a member of the French techno duo The Youngsters, who produced two albums under Laurent Garnier’s label F Communications. Yeah I know; I didn’t know Garnier had its own record label either, but that’s awesome. This track is part of Rodriguez Jr’s recently released album ‘Baobab’, which is essentially progressive electro with a deep house structure. The beat and rhythm of this track reminds me of Robin Schulz’s remix of Waves by Mr. Probz, a song that was in everyone’s beach playlist in 2013. This song initially has a beachy/sea-side vibe to it, whether it’s through the hint of tribal drums in the beat or the long, drawn out chords you hear throughout the piece. As the song develops, it becomes less tropical, and takes on an epic progressive nature. You can feel the chords becoming louder and more dispersed through the track, with more drum samples added to elevate the atmosphere. The chords begin to sound like those heard in songs by Deadmau5 or Eric Prydz, especially against the backdrop of the pluck melody you hear towards the end of the track. If you listen to the vocals, they are pitched down with a flanger or autotuned effect, which is juxtaposed with the original pitch of the female’s vocals. It is subtle textures like these which create a remarkable effect on the progressive atmosphere of this song. Layers are constantly added every measure or two, which allows for an outstanding build-up. The main reason I chose this track was that I found it uplifting and motivational, with the rhythmic potential of a lounge track. In my opinion, songs like this deserve a lot more attention that they receive. The only problem is that people hear these types of songs and consider them boring almost immediately, without giving themselves a chance to truly connect with the music, which is a pity. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the track. Check out Rodriguez Jr’s album ‘Baobab’. Another track I liked off the album was “Monticello”, so give that a listen as well.