Solardo – On The Corner (Tech Bass)

The DJ Duo composed of UK based producers James Eliot and Mark Richards have had an extensive musical background and have only recently been discovered by deep house and techno enthusiasts over the past year. “On The Corner” was released by SubSoul, a famous brand and youtube channel associated with Deep House and tech house releases. The build-up of the track is very similar to that of other house tracks, with a catchy beat riddled with high hat and snare patterns that don’t stray far from the genre. The vocal sample is fairly comedic, along with the pitched down voice saying “cocaine” before the drop, which makes the drop that much more epic. The drop has one of those addictive basslines you hear in songs like “Doin’ Ya Thang” by Oliver $, which has a similar warm but energetic, beautifully sidechained bassline that makes your head bob back and forth. I definitely recommend you check out the Oliver $ track if you enjoyed this track by Solardo. Needless to say, I’m excited to hear this duo’s next project. Great stuff. If you’re looking for a similar track by Solardo, check out “The Spot”. They use the same bassy synth in this track, so there’s really no running out of bass with these guys, there’s plenty to go around!