Paris & Simo - GLow (feat. nikon) - Deep House

We’re starting the first blog post of the new year with a deep house track by Canadian Duo Paris & Simo. This group is typically known for big-room and progressive house tracks they’ve released in the past such as “Escape” featuring 3LAU which was also featured on Revealed Recordings back in 2013. It seems not unlike most of the 2013/2014-era EDM duos, Paris & Simo are starting to tailor their sound to a more contemporary audience. If you look at the YouTube comments, you’ll find a few dissatisfied listeners who expect the duo to release songs synonymous with their earlier progressive style tracks. While I agree that I would have preferred a less generic track, it’s nice to see artists change their styles and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a basic deep house song. More often than not, in a world where music tastes are so fickle, artists must adapt their styles. In this track, Paris & Simo have created a tropical atmosphere with reverb-laden, sidechained chords you would find in a Kygo song. Nikon’s standard high-pitched R&B vocals along with the chopped vocals in the drop add to the beachy, relaxed ambiance and fit in well with the rhythm and melody of the song. It’s refreshing to see that Paris & Simo can adapt their skills and create a smooth tropical house track. For you Northeasterners out there, hopefully this summery track will help you cope with such a harsh winter. Stay warm!